Frequently asked questions about synchronised swimming

Q. Is synchronised swimming a sport or an art form?

A. Both. Synchronised Swimming was recognised as an Olympic sport in 1984. It has developed into a fast paced, athletic and acrobatic sport. However, it is one of very few sports that can be very creative and artistic and appeal to many industries.

Q. How many synchronised swimmers are there in a team?

A. Usually eight. However Aquabatix can choreograph routines and performances with as many synchronised swimmers that are required including just soloists who perform individually synchronising to the music. several hundred!

Q. How do the swimmers synchronise their movements?

A. An underwater speaker is used so the swimmers can hear the music under the water. This speaker is perfectly safe and Aquabatix can provide this equipment. The swimmers also count to the music and perform certain moves to certain counts

Q. Do males take part in synchronised swimming?

A. Yes males do take part in France and America though it is predominately female

Q. How long can synchronised swimmers hold their breath?

A. A synchronised swimmer can hold their breath for over two minutes when floating underwater and not using too much energy to perform. Synchronised swimmers are perfect for underwater photography shoots as they are able to move underwater and hold positions for a long time to achieve the perfect shot. In a five minute fast paced routine, a synchronised swimmer will spend two thirds of the routine underwater.

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