Frequently asked questions about synchronised swimming

Q. Is Aquabatique’s Act an Olympic Sport?

A. Not directly, no. Aquabatique use skills and techniques they have developed over long, successful synchronised swimming careers to create the act but this kind of underwater performance is not a sport in itself. Synchronised swimming focusses on getting as much of your body as possible above the water whereas Aquabatique focus on their ability to move under the water.

Q. What kind of training does it take to be able to do an act like this?

A. In order to perform this act you have to be very physically fit, as well as strong and flexible but most importantly, you must have an extreme awareness of your body and the strength in your core to control your movements under the water. Unlike standard dance, Aquabatique must work against the resistance of the water. Running, swimming and other cardio vascular activities keep athletes fit while flexibility and core sessions increase their range of movement and control in the water. As well as this training, the athletes will train routines in the tank for up to 10 hours a day, perfecting and synchronising movements.

Q. Does anyone else do this act?

A. No. Currently Aquabatique and Aquabatix are the only people in the world who perform this act. The idea was created by Aquabatix in the form of solo and duet performances and this specific act was created six months ago after they proved so successful

Q. What is synchronised swimming?

A. A sport in which people make graceful dance like movements in the water at the same time.

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